Our New Club 420 boats are on order and are expected to arrive mid-August. We are proud to announce that Harry Stickley is onboard as our sailing coach and we will be running our program out of South Beach Marina and picturesque Calibogue Sound. We will also have a new Hobie Bravo in the fleet. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!


Gabi Jimenez
Gabi's team, SC Surf won the USYS Southern Regional Championship
and they are headed to Florida, to compete for the US National
Championship title next week, against the top Best 8 teams in the nation.

Kyndal Cohen
Ready for a match in Palm Beach

Rachel Goldstein
Rachel has participated in gymnastics camp
at LSU and University of Alabama
and she will be at UGA next week.

Kate Bumgardener
She just got home from the USTA National
Girls 14's Tournament in Ft. Lauderdale.

Gage Malphrus

Noah Traut
Noah works as a Beach Ambassador for the Town of Hilton Head.
A neat job, assisting visitors with directions and local information.
Noah is a new student starting his sophomore year.

Abby and Lilli Onan
Hanging Out With Cousins

Lucas Onan
Traveling and Playing Lacrosse

Sienna Vaughan
In Costa Rica with her family and loves to be out on the water.
She also had her first job as a camp counselor this summer.

Ashley and Naomi Zarracan
Ashley and Naomi are in a dance intensive for 10 days, with teachers/choreographers from different
cities of the USA and they are also learning the dances for competing in 21/22.

Jack Calcoa
Jack has been tubing, gaming, swimming, bike riding & wood working with his aunt.

Sophia Tauscher
Working on her tennis game this summer

Bobby Gossett
Every Tuesday
Charlotte Motor Speedway

Ellie Gossett
Raising Goats

→ e-mail your
summer adventures
to Amanda



We are very excited to be a part of Big Fish!

The Hilton Head BIG FISH 5K Run/Walk is open to all ages. Race starts and finishes at the South Beach Marina Village in Sea Pines.

Start time 8 AM, August 29th, 2021. We will be running on the beach. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the John Berrigan Cross Country Scholarship.
First 300 runners will receive a BIG Fish 5K race shirt. Custom Medals to Overall Male and Female and top 3 division winners.

→ Sign Up Here

Registration is CLOSED on Race Day.
Late Registration on August 28th at Packet Pick 3 - 6 PM Saturday August 28th 3 - 6 at Heritage Academy at 11 New Orleans Road

Contact Liz at 843-290-8805 or by e-mail


Dear Student Athletes and Parents,
Aug 5th - Mark your calendar for a 5:00 pm meeting if your student is interested in playing girls golf, tennis and/or cross country. We will meet in room 214. If you cannot make it, please send an > e-mail to Liz Nash.

Dear Parents (and prospective parents and partners)
I hope you had an awesome 4th of July!

A few mid summer updates: By now you should have received the Splash newsletter from me in snail mail and via email. In that newsletter I asked for each family to schedule time to meet me so I can get to know you as a family, your goals, and answer any questions. If you have not received it, it worries me that we do not have your correct contact info. Please let Mrs Giovannitti know. Mrs Castellano has been working on schedules. If you have not connected to her about schedules (or myself), please let me know. You will receive a letter from me about July 20th and it will outline lots of info, if you do not get it, let me know. Go ahead and mark your calendars for Aug 2nd for orientation for both students and parents. Details to follow in my letter.

I am super pumped about all the exciting changes but I cant wait any longer to not share with you that I have secured a pilot as a teacher. He will teach an aviation class for .5 credit first block and a 1.0 credit 4th block as an elective. Students will also learn to fly a drone in this class. I am just thrilled as we expand the STEM offerings! If you would like to make sure you take this class, please email me or Mrs Castellano ASAP. Last I had that Aug 17th was a Monday and have told some of you that we start school on Aug 17th. I was wrong. The first day of school is Monday, Aug 16th. Please accept my mistake.

I cant tell you how much enjoyment I get from all of you. I love the energy, the excitement and the changes. Go Hurricanes!


We invite you drive down New Orleans Road and take a look at the changes. We have been busy clearing the lot adjacent to our school. In addition to this exciting project, we are creating a culinary arts program where students will learn about food science, healthy eating and basic cooking skills. Our island is driven by travel and tourism and what better way to prepare students for the real world than by creating real world applications and courses such as culinary arts.

We will also be adding an outdoor classroom and we will name it The Farm. Students will learn to how to plant, nurture and harvest a garden. Food grown at The Farm will tranfer to the culinary class so that the students can prepare and eat what they grow. This ground to table(seed to fork) concept will provide a unique opportunity for students to learn about agriculture and gardening. As time goes on, the students will work to develop a business plan and sell their vegetables and flowers in their own Farmer's Market.

Marketing, business concepts and customer service will be a few of the skills we will develop in our students. Learning outside the textbook, working with your hands and experiencing new endeavors is what school should be all about.


Great News!
Dedicated Sea Turtle Nest #188 was laid on June 29
in the Palmetto Dunes beach area on Hilton Head Island.
In approximately 60 days, the nest will hatch and
baby hatchlings will emerge and head towards the ocean.
Updated nest information will be sent
once the nest is inventoried.


Parents and Guardians,

It was so great to see all the parents last week at orientation but especially great to see the students. I had a few questions that might be questions from several families.So, I thought I would answer for everyone:

What did I miss if I missed the parent orientation? We were able to network and mingle with parents so you missed a chance to meet other parents. But there will be plenty of time to meet others. We went over a few important pieces of information that I will summarize below. (And you will find in the student handbook which will go home on Aug 16th with your student.)

When do students get their key cards? Upon arrival to school on the 16th.

When do they get their schedule? They will get their schedule on the morning of the 16th upon arrival to school.

Who is vaccinated for COVID? I wont be asking who is vaccinated for COVID so I will not be able to share who is vaccinated.

Do students need to wear masks? At this time, it is a student/family choice. Masks are not required.

Where are the student lockers? We don't have lockers. They need to carry or bring their own things and carry around the school.

Parking spaces? We share parking with Charlies restaurant across the street. If our parking lot is full, park there and be careful crossing the street. We are working on a long term plan to expand the "driveway".

How do I stay informed? Like us and follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Also, each weekend, I will send out a weekly email that is like a brain dump. It will have lots of news and information to keep you in the loop. Please make sure your email is correct in Power School. Also, our office manager, Lisa Giovannitti will scan in your private and confidential login info for Power School. Grades and attendance will be kept in Power School.

Will my student's have homework? I expect teachers to find mastery in the classroom. Over the pandemic, homework was poured onto students across our nation. Parents found themselves reteaching and students googled their way through homework. HW teaches very little when that happens. With smaller class sizes, there is no reason that a teacher cannot find mastery in class. So, homework should not be a common practice. If a student is taking (AP) Advanced Placement, that is a different story due to the large number of standards and content to cover.

My student wants to be in honors. How do I change to honors? I can take time to explain how honors should allow students to take subjects deeper and cover the breath and how we plan to do that. But the simple answer is students will take home an honors contract the first week of school and parents will need to sign if they plan to change from a regular class to honors.

What about lunch? The Hurricane Fuel Center will be in motion soon. But for the first week of school, please have your students pack their snacks and lunch if they get hungry. The culinary arts class will plan to provide meals but they need the first week to get rolling. The Hurricane Fuel Center will be upstairs and provide healthy options for students who need to grab a quick drink and/or snack at no charge to student thanks to Salty Dog.

What are the uniforms? Use your adult like judgement as a student and look like a student. Do not wear something that will draw attention from the learning. No hats, no hoodies covering your head, no slippers, no pajamas, etc. I don't want to see bellies or low cut shirts. Look presentable.

Can students use elevator? Yes, if they need it for physical reasons or conditions. Walking and taking stairs is the preferred method to go up and down.

Can students go to their car in between classes or during classes? Yes, with teacher permission during class. In between classes, yes. Just don't be late for class.

How do we know if our students are tardy or absent? Check PowerSchool.

Can I drop my student off at the street to walk into parking lot? Sure, but at your own risk, just be careful.